In 2017, NCE Manufacturing was granted the status of a Norwegian Catapult Center for Manufacturing Technology (MTNC). The Catapult center was initiated as a project under SINTEF Manufacturing. In 2019, MTNC was established as a separate corporation, owned by SINTEF Manufacturing.

NCE Manufacturing and the TotAl group invested in the ownership in 2021-22, but have always been responsible for prioritizing investments and focus in the Catapult center.
From 2020 to 2022, revenue increased from 8 to 25 million NOK, and the Catapult center has provided services to over 300 companies from all over Norway. MTNC is considered by SIVA and the evaluation agency Menon to be a well-run Catapult center that meets expectations. The organizational and business models are seen to have potential for improvement.


What we offer
MTNC offers testing infrastructure in a range of manufacturing technologies, and importantly, expertise on how products should be designed for sustainable production in Norway, and how to build high-productivity production systems. The delivery is intended to make companies globally competitive in their segments, enabling exports from one of the world’s most expensive countries.
The mission involves significant complexity. Product and production methods must be developed at the same time, and are unique in each case. The strength of the cluster is the broad range of expertise and good connections to national and international actors who can complement any missing expertise.

Over 200 people have participated in deliveries from the Catapult center. Some are employees of the large NCE companies, others are hired consultants, often retirees who previously held key roles in the Raufoss industry. In many Catapult projects, the TotAl group’s companies have participated as suppliers of both hardware and know-how to customers across the country.
There is a positive impact on participating companies as those involved in Catapult deliveries find it fun, rewarding, and educational, and the companies participating in Catapult deliveries gain a market opportunity following the Catapult project. They have “tested out” a new customer, while the customer has tested a supplier, for example, of a prototype.

Knowledge dissemination
MTNC fulfills the cluster's goal of spreading knowledge, and Catapult projects add both time and expertise to Norwegian companies through efficient working methods and tools.
Through the Catapult center, the cluster can capitalize on the expertise built up collectively over many years, without competing with the companies' own purposes. This gives the cluster a coordinating role that benefits all member companies. The task is of significant complexity and demonstrates that the ecosystem works well in practice.



Catapult as a marketing channel
The Catapult center also serves as a marketing channel for some companies as they gain access to new customers through their participation in Catapult projects. For larger companies, without the need for new customers, participating in expert panel workshops is rewarding for their own development and enriches the companies in several ways.

Dissemination activity
All clusters participating in the official cluster programs are required to engage in dissemination activities. NCE Manufacturing can capitalize on its activity in ways other than receiving cluster financing. MTNC enables the cluster administration to engage more resources, benefiting the activities of the cluster as well.

MTNC want to help you to further develop, simulate and test your production line before you unroll full-scale production in your own factory. We have the expertise, equipment, and facilities to give you increased competitiveness.

MTNC offers competence and equipment within production technology through our 7 mini-factories

MTNC headquarters are situated at Raufoss and are operated by SINTEF Manufacturing. The core partners are NCE Manufacturing, Fagskolen Innlandet, Raufoss upper secondary school, NTNU, SIVA and Innlandet county municipality.

The Catapult centres assist companies in developing prototypes, offer expertise and equipment for testing, visualisation and simulation to turn innovative ideas into new products and services in an effective manner at a lower risk. The Catapult centres provide expertise, contacts and facilities in various technological areas, and can assist companies to access new markets and captivate interest from other potential business partners.