Synergy, education and R&D

NCE Manufacturing – synergy, education, and R&D


NCE Manufacturing is an industrial collaboration focusing on the synergy between industry, education, and research. Its goal is to contribute to the development of a sustainable and profitable export industry in Norway. Based in Raufoss, NCE Manufacturing operates act as the national competence center for competitive automated goods production of components and products, aiming to strengthen Norway's national role position in international manufacturing. goods production.


NCE Manufacturing serves as a dissemination arena for new knowledge and technology in materials technology, production technology, automation, industrial ecosystems work methods, and export. The organization NCE Manufacturing plays a key role in the development of the next generation of production technology and acts as an arena for innovation, business development, and knowledge sharing. This includes advocating for lifelong learning, from skilled workers to academic expertise within the industry.


NCE Manufacturing has established a culture of sharing. As a network and meeting place for industry, business, and R&D, it connects small, medium, and large industrial enterprises, acting as a driving force for the industrial export industry in Norway.


NCE Manufacturing promotes the interests of the manufacturing industry and acts as a partner for government authorities and politicians  policy instruments in developing a national framework for the manufacturing industry conditions. They also form a network for development of cluster programs, innovation, development education and research projects.


NCE Manufacturing develops its network in close collaboration with Norwegian and international enterprises, universities, and research institutes, with the goal of ensuring its members to have world-leading technology and expertise in relevant fields.



Cluster Manager 
Emma Østerbø
phone: +47 406 16 625